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The Redgrave Theatre was closed in 1998 and demolished in 2019, the Farnham Theatre Association has campaigned consistently for a replacement. The strong case we have made will remain when the country recovers from the Covid 19 Pandemic.

 Our present aim is to keep interest in theatre alive. Other communities enjoy the many life enhancing benefits of a local theatre. They achieve their great aims and we can too. It’s not impossible.  Remember, we are not alone in our fight to get The Redgrave replaced by an equivalent performance facility for all local residents and their descendants.

 FTA believes that a new theatre would revitalise Farnham Town Centre in the way that the Redgrave Theatre once did. A new theatre would draw visitors in to our historic market town, which has recently been designated a World Craft Town. A theatre would benefit local trades and add to our cultural scene.

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 Our aim is to open a theatre which will attract professional and amateur productions, dance, music and entertainment of all types and for all ages. The building will also support educational projects, conferences, exhibitions and many kinds of community cultural events. FTA became a company limited by guarantee in 2007; Farnham Theatre Association Ltd. is a non-profit making voluntary working group, formed to provide the basis of a charitable trust which will be able to run the theatre in its developing and final form.

Keeping Theatre Alive   

A Tale of Two TheatresFTA is archiving collections from the former Castle and Redgrave Theatres and we published a book in March 2020 based on Farnham's theatre history, A Tale of Two Theatres: told by those who knew Farnham's Castle and Redgrave Theatres, compiled by our Chairman, Anne Cooper. This book contains memories of actors, directors and technicians who worked at these theatres and is fully illustrated. FTA has been delighted to have the support of Farnham Town Council for the book and the launch was attended by the Town Mayor, Cllr. Pat Evans.

Download and read a PDF document of the reviews here.

Farnham's Tradition of Theaters  

 Theatre in Farnham

A second smaller publication followed in March 2021 with a booklet called, Theatre in Farnham: at Church House before the Wars, also compiled by Anne Cooper. This booklet is based on a donated photograph album, covering the period prior to formation of The Castle Theatre and reveals how an amateur company with professional contacts paved the way for Farnham's first professional repertory theatre.

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A Tale of Two Theatres as told by those who knew, and Theatre in Farnham between the Wars.
   Do you live in Farnham?
You can get your copy of A Tale of Two Theatres at £15.99 from Waterstone’s, Pullingers or Farnham Museum. From the same outlets you can get Theatre in Farnham at £4.99.
   Buy direct from FTA.
Simply email sales@farnhamtheatre.co.uk with your address and either send a cheque, payable to Farnham Theatre Association, and post it to: c/o FTA, 27 Alfred Road, Farnham, Surrey GU98ND) to cover the book plus post and packing i.e. For A Tale this is £15.99 plus £2.00 = £17.99. For Theatre in Farnham, the cost is £4.99 plus £1 p&p = £5.99. Alternatively, please transfer the appropriate sum by BACS to the FTA account indicating your name as a reference. And make sure you have provided your address, in your email. Sort code: 60-08-15 Account No. 59103205.

      Buy direct from Amazon Books for a copy of  A Tale of Two Theatres (click here), the price is £15.99 plus their own p&p charge. For an e-book e.g. for a Kindle or other e-reader, the book is just £8.99.

      Buy direct from Amazon Books for a copy of Theatre in Farnham (click here) the price is £4.99 plus their own p&p charge.

All proceeds from book sales will go towards the maintenance of FTA's theatre collections and archives, which we aim to have publicly available online in the future.'